A Better Country

As Americans, we always have an affinity for oppressed minorities in other countries who stand up for themselves, but when the exact same thing happens here at home some of us are offended or put out by it. Why? That is the question each of us should be asking ourselves. In no way do these post marginalize the police lives lost in the line of duty nor does it aim to wrongfully label and persecute good cops who are real life heroes. “Black Lives Matter” simply means black lives matter - nothing more, nothing less.

I pray that if, God forbid, many years from now my Max was in a car with his wife and daughter headed home and was pulled over by the police and killed after calmly informing the police officer that he was in possession of a licensed firearm and that officer was found not-guilty, I would hope that my outrage in claiming how "Max's Life Mattered" wouldn't be too offensive to anyone.

There are people in this country who profit greatly by keeping us divided. The only hope we have to give our children a better country than the one we are currently living in is to open our minds, ears, and hearts to see life through the eyes of our fellows Americans.