In a very short time Scott X. Nady, widely known to many as Coach Nady, has created quite a buzz on the motivational speaking circuit both nationally and internationally. Coach Nady's clients have used the terms transformational, life changing and deeply moving to describe his speeches. He is inspiring organizations and audiences, which range in size from small gatherings to packed auditoriums as well as doing webinars that reach every corner of the globe. His audiences range in age from young to old and from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits. He knows that it’s never too late to reevaluate personal and professional habits, vision, and goals to achieve success and his wide ranging presentations are having a tremendously positive impact wherever he speaks.

Before deciding to become a full-time motivational speaker, Coach Nady built the accomplished football program at Parish Episcopal in Dallas, Texas from scratch as the Head Coach for 13 years. After revamping the program, he served as the architect of Parish's two state championships—in 2010 and 2014. Prior to taking over the Parish Episcopal football team, Nady worked with Coach Dan Calcagno to resurrect the San Leandro High School football program in California. He spent a total of six years on the sidelines at San Leandro in which the last four seasons the team dominated the competition with an impressive 48-4 record. That magical run started with a first game of 28 players and 27 fans in the stands ending with a final game six years later with a roster of 45 kids and 18,500 fans in the stands.

A scholarship football player at the University of California-Berkeley in the early 90s, Coach Nady had the privilege of playing in the Copper Bowl, Alamo Bowl and Citrus Bowl. After graduation, he went on to spend several years as a sports agent working with professional football players recruiting and representing top notch talent. Through his different careers, Nady has remained committed to excellence and has time and again, demonstrated that he knows what it takes to build a winning culture in organizations. His maniacal focus on self-improvement, refusal to quit or give up and his ability to get the very best from everyone around him, has made his speeches both valuable and insightful across and massive range of industries and is one of the reasons he is one of the hottest speakers on the circuit. Although Coach Nady has had many wins and tremendous success in his personal and professional life, he has also dealt with far more than his fair share of tragedy and adversity and has traveled a path that at times would have crushed most men. Through it all, he has emerged from it stronger, wiser and with a crystal clear vision of what matters in life. Through his professional speaking engagements, Nady works to share the wisdom he has gained during his many years of competing, coaching, parenting, mentoring, succeeding and failing. He makes clear how this wisdom can be applied to all aspects of life, from the personal to the professional.